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Bills extending validity of passports, driver’s license up for Duterte’s signature

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The Bicameral Conference Committee of Congress has approved several important bills.

These measures have been forwarded to President Rodrigo Duterte for signing.

The legislative pieces include the Philippine Passport Act that extends the validity of passports from five years to ten years.

Lawmakers of both houses of Congress have also sent to the Palace the bill that prolongs the validity of driver’s license from three years to five years.

Also up for the President’s approval is the bill that increases the penalty for hospitals that will refuse to accept patients in emergency situations.

Once signed, fine for offenders will increase from P 100,000 to P 1 million.

A bill becomes a law once signed by the President.

Even if the Chief Executive does not sign the measures, the transmitted bills automatically become laws within 30 days from receipt of his office.


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