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TV programs that give summer feels

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Television has started bringing in the summer vibes. Hence, it’s not surprising that along with the must­-visit summer destinations, viewers also see bikini clad women and half-naked men parading on the TV screens.

On this weeks listicles, we are having a rundown of local TV shows that give us the summer feels even before the temperature reach to unbearable scorching level.

Bubble Gang

Every year, for the last 21 years, the popular gag show presents a summer special that its loyal fans eagerly anticipate. But it’s not only during summer season where Bubble Gang dishes out something that excites ogling eyes. Take Kim Domingo in a skit with one of the cast members for example. Her presence alone is a big draw even if her comic timing is a bit off sometimes.


It wasn’t called Wildflower for no reason. While Maja Salvador plays an interesting character in the primetime series, her leading men (Joseph Marco, Vin Abrenica, and RK Bagatsing) are the ones who make the drama too hot for TV. They show off their chiseled physique, almost all the time possible – while in the rain, in the bedroom, in the outdoors, you name it. And nobody is complaining. 


The stage of the weekly musical program never fails to give audience reasons to stay at home on a Sunday. For one, ASAP has been a venue where the hottest young stars of the network converge to give not just some wholesome entertainment but also production numbers that make televiewers drool. And that’s the main selling point of ASAP. No wonder, the show has stayed relevant for the last two decades. 

Meant To Be

In the Philippines, summer means long hours under the sun and people frolicking on the beach. This is exactly what the millennial themed series Meant To Be is giving its viewers. From the viral “pa-abs ni Mayor” photo of Jak Roberto, Ken Chan, Addy Raj, and Ivan Dorscher in one of the first episodes of the series, Kapuso network did a repeat of the welcoming sight, this time with Barbie Forteza finally donning a two-piece bikini.


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