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Ryan Bang makes rapping dream come true

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Korean-yet-Pinoy-at-heart Ryan Bang is back pursuing his passion for music with the production of his second music video titled “Like Love Follow.”

Co-produced by Skinny Fat Boy Productions, the same team behind his first video “Shopping,” Ryan’s new music video tackles the netizens’ social media attitude.

Kasi ‘yung like sa Facebook, ‘yung love sa Instagram and ‘yung follow sa Twitter about sa social media,” he said.

The upbeat song, Ryan explained, caters to the Filipino fans of the Hallyu Wave that has enjoyed K-Pop and K-Drama.

Ryan Bang talks to the media during the launch of his latest self-produced music video titled “Like Love Follow”

Ginawa ko ito kasi ang dami palang gustong matutunan na Korean words ng mga tao gaya ng nasa Korean drama and K-Pop. So ginawa ko lang na parang ABCEFG,” he said.

The concept of the song, according to Ryan, is something that he and his co-It’s Showtime hosts and musicians Jugs Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz have come up together.

For this music video, Ryan also made one of his dreams a reality—which is to rap in Filipino. The actor-comedian takes pride over the fact that he tapped little known talents to assist him in the creation of the lyrics for the rapping portion.

Matagal ko na talagang gustong mag-rap kahit na bulol ako. First the time, kahit na for fun, ginawa ko ang rap na Tagalog,” Ryan shared.

Ryan says he enjoyed rapping so much that he hopes to learn some of it and hopefully to employ it on his upcoming music videos.

Ryan is a real example of a “Touristar”

As for “Like Love Follow’s” music video, Ryan explains that it took on the theme of the gag show Banana Sundae

Just like his previous music video, “Like Love Follow” features an all-star cast including his Banana Sundae co-stars like Jessy Mendiola and Kuya Jobert.

Even his co-It’s Showtime hosts joined in the fun like Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, Kim Atienza, and Vhong Navarro. Seasoned news anchors Gretchen Fullido, Bernadette Sembrano and even Kabayan Noli De Castro also made an appearance in “Like Love Follow.” 

Some of the members of the rising dance groups Hashtags and GirlTrends also spiced up the video with their performance of the “selfie dance,” which according to Ryan, was choreographed by Jhong Hilario.

“Like Love Follow” is Ryan’s second self-produced music video, which he considers his birthday gift to his fans. Exactly a year ago Ryan launched “Shopping,” inspired by his desire to showcase the local malls to his Korean friends. 

Ryan first dabbled into singing in 2011 when he launched his first album I Lilly Lilly Like It: Ryan Bang Party Party Hits!

“Like Love Follow” music video is for free on YouTube.


Jumpstart fitness journey with ‘Metabeats’

Power couple coaches Toni and Jim Saret

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy but not everyone has access to the gym or even the time for it. With Lifestyle’s MetaBeats, a fitness program designed for people on the go, you only need your body and your arms’ length for space.

MetaBeats is the first locally produced fitness and wellness nutrition program which premiered last April 16 on Lifestyle. MetaBeats introduces a unique four-minute burst exercise program which aims to slash calories, tone bodies, and build muscles. 

The no. 1 program on Lifestyle is headed by power couple coaches Toni and Jim Saret, the training coaches of ABS-CBN’s reality program The Biggest Loser. MetaBeats stands for ‘metabolic fitness training’ that boosts metabolism and beats is the music aspect.

Revolutionizing the fitness industry, MetaBeats is an original fitness program, which has not been done abroad. It is a one-hour show that combines both workout and nutrition. Through a series of four-minute workouts done with really live and fun music, it is guaranteed to burn a lot of calories and jack up your metabolism.

Be healthier, fitter, and sexier with MetaBeats every Saturday and Sunday at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Lifestyle. Replays are at 5 and 7a.m., and 4 p.m.every Tuesday and Thursday 

Lifestyle is available on SKYcable channel 52. For updates, like their Facebook page at ,  follow their IG account LifestyleTVPH and Twitter account @Lifestyle52.


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