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Rampa Manila is back on its second season

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RAMPA MANILA 2: Rampa Manila is back on its second season as the City of Manila showcased upcoming as well as established fashion designers who greatly relied on Divisoria and Dangwa for their fashion needs.

The show featured designs from eight fashion designers on Wednesday, June 19 at the Bulwagan Rodriguez at Manila City Hall.

Young fashion designers Morissette Magalona, Joanna Santos, and Dhenyze Guevara wowed the audience with their fresh concepts in fashion, mixing tradition with their personal experiences into fabric.

Seasoned fashion designers Val Taguba, Jhobes Estrella, Neric Beltran, Marc Rancy, and Anthony Ramirez created works of art tied to their passion as well as their memories during their early days in Divisoria or Dangwa.

Mayor Honey Lacuna-Pangan welcomed Taguba, Estrella, Beltran, Rancy, and Ramirez to the city by presenting each with a key to the city, recognizing their contributions in flourishing the capital of the country.


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