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Mitigating your cloud risk with FortiCNP

As the pandemic revved up the digital transformation in the country, businesses in the country were forced to adapt to the changes.

Shown here are (from left) Mark Cayubit, Cloud Business Development Manager, Fortinet Philippines; Nap Castillo, Manager, Systems Engineering, Fortinet PH; Louie R. Castañeda, Country Manager, Fortinet PH; and Jennifer Carreon, Senior Business Unit Manager for Fortinet, MEC Networks Corporation.

Words like cloud, server, and cybersecurity became the norm in the industry, while businesses altered the course of their company and built around digital transformation.

The utilization of proper tools, equipment and software helped a lot of organizations to manage workloads efficiently, but the transition to the digital platform opened threats from cyberspace.

Fortinet’s newly launched FortiCNP (Fortinet Cloud-native Protection), a cloud-native protection product provides customers with an effective tool to manage cloud security. FortiCNP gathers and correlates data across multiple cloud-native security services to pinpoint risks and recommend an effective solution.

By integrating with native security services offered by cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform alongside Fortinet Cloud security products such as FortiGate-VM and FortiWeb, FortiCNP collects.

During an event in Makati, Fortinet Philippines officially introduced FortiCNP to the digital market in the country.

“As you know a lot of companies are moving to a hybrid environment, the focus of the companies was on brand, but now it’s a hybrid with brand and cloud platform,” said Louie Castaneda, Country Manager of Fortinet Philippines.

“Based on the survey done by Fortinet, around 39% say that they have more than half of their workloads now in the cloud, while about 58 percent are planning to do so in the next 12 to 18 months,” he added.

FortiCNP will help businesses simplify the management of their data in the cloud, while blending the visibility from these tools with the visibility from their security tools for the cloud.

By using FortiCNP, organizations are empowered to maximize the value of their investments as they can now establish consistent, unified visibility and control while operating their cloud security lifecycle across their public cloud platforms.

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