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Shifts in manufacturing practices big boost to environment

There’s always a cost that comes with progress.

Industries, especially those heavily involved in manufacturing, contribute to environmental pollution and social cost the most.

That’s why through the years, companies have been rallying for environmental sustainability through activities that promote growth without compromising the environment.

From shifts in manufacturing practices, handling wastes properly, to promoting green energy, corporations have realized the importance of taking care of the environment from which they gather most, if not all of their valuable natural resources essential in their business. 

Shifts in manufacturing practices big boost to environment

With the constant industrialization that comes with progress, there’s no denying that environmental sustainability is particularly challenging, but an absolute necessity to address especially in these changing times. 

Hence, corporate social responsibility (CSR) functions as a way to reduce the effects of corporate activities, to increase long-term performance and stakeholder trust. 

This is particularly true for manufacturing companies whose activities require the involvement of a wider community, whether as a provider of raw materials, labor, and target markets.

Shifts in manufacturing practices big boost to environment

Moreover, manufacturing activities are active contributors to air and water pollution as well as environmental damage and disruption. At this point, green innovations implemented and initiated by companies are seen to not only enhance the value of their products but also reduce environmental costs, ultimately leading to better ethical company performance and a homogenous relationship with the ecosystem.

This goes without saying that indeed, CSR needs to be directed to ethical issues of the environment as to reduce the negative impacts of a company’s activities, improve profitability, financial gain, and competitiveness, and, at the same time, benefit the society.

Danish toymaker Lego, coming in first in 2017 and third in 2018 as the World’s Most Reputable Company for Corporate Responsibility, leads the way when it comes to product transparency according to CR RepTrak. 

Shifts in manufacturing practices big boost to environment

Lego may have long been known for creating the colorful building blocks of children’s play, but more recently, the Lego name has become synonymous with environmental sustainability.

In fact, back in March of last year, Lego announced plans to produce pieces made from plant-based sources, and in July of 2018 they followed through, with the release of the first batch of sustainably sourced, sugarcane-based Lego bushes, leaves and trees. 

It’s safe to say that this is just one of the many steps Lego is taking toward its goal of using sustainable materials in all core products and packaging by 2030, a venerable example by which companies involved in manufacturing can imbibe. 

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