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Unleashing the Potential of Tomorrow: GPCCI Mabuhay Germany Event 2023 Set to Drive Innovation and Growth

Build business ties, economic partnerships, and trade connections at the upcoming Mabuhay Germany 2023!

Organized by the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (GPCCI), the event will run from November 16 to 18 at Hall A of the World Trade Center. With the theme “Unleashing Tomorrow’s Potential,” this year’s event is set to bring visionaries, industry pioneers, and innovators together for 3 days of unique opportunity and network expansion.

Indoor Venue at the World Trade Center: The shift to an indoor setting enhances the overall ambiance, offering attendees a comfortable and climate-controlled environment to discuss, network, and explore opportunities.

Post-Pandemic Reunion: The Mabuhay Germany 2023 is the first run of GPCCI’s annual event after the pandemic, aimed at rekindling connections and demonstrating resilience to focus on the way forward in the business world.

Business and Trade Focus: This year’s event emphasizes facilitating business and trade exchanges between the Philippines and Germany. It’s an opportunity for attendees to delve into the practical aspects of strengthening ties and doing more business between the two nations.

Professional Approach: Attendees can expect thought leadership sessions and forums to stimulate growth, drive innovation, and elevate their industry insights.

B2B Connections: A core objective of the event is enhancing the brands and offerings of GPCCI members through meaningful business-to-business connections. Aligned with the theme “Unleashing the Potential of Tomorrow,” Mabuhay Germany 2023 gives attendees tangible benefits and new, actionable opportunities.

“GPCCI’s Mabuhay Germany 2023 is a unique platform where business leaders, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals come together to explore innovative ideas, foster collaboration, and seize new opportunities.” Says GPCCI Executive Director Christopher Zimmer. ”Furthermore, our grand event this year will not only be a reunion but also a reimagining of our event, where we will witness new experiences from our participants.”

“I encourage our attendees to join us as we unlock tomorrow’s potential, and harness the power of connection to propel their businesses and professional growth forward,” said GPCCI President Stefan Schmitz.

Topics That Shape Tomorrow

The event’s agenda includes discussions on the intersection of sustainability, productivity, and profitability.  Learn how sustainable manufacturing practices and the circular economy can meet present needs without compromising the future. Discover strategies for achieving business success while reducing business carbon footprint.

An Immersive Experience Awaits

Mabuhay Germany 2023 offers a wide array of immersive activities, including:

● Trade Exhibitions – Whether you’re a seasoned business leader or an aspiring entrepreneur, the Trade Exhibitions offer a wealth of inspiration and business prospects.
● Industry Forums – #MabuhayGermany2023 Industry Forums are your gateway to meaningful discussions led by industry experts. Engage in these forums and gain a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape.
● Plenary Sessions – Listen to keynote speakers and thought leaders who have pioneered innovation and transformation.
● Partners’ Night – Networking isn’t just about collecting business cards; it’s about forging meaningful connections. Partners’ Night is your chance to meet like-minded professionals who share your vision and ambition.
● Business Matching – Opportunities are the lifeblood of growth, and our  #MabuhayGermany2023’s Business Matching sessions are where these opportunities come to life. Find the right connections and discover new horizons for your business.
● Start-Up Pitching Competition – Meet promising innovators and disruptors during the Start-Up Pitching competition. Be inspired by their creativity, vision, and determination as they vie for recognition and support.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to be part of an event that is shaping the future of business between the Philippines and Germany.

Register today for GPCCI Mabuhay Germany 2023 and join us in “Unleashing the Potential of Tomorrow.” Admission is free.

For more information, visit or call +63(2)-519-8110.  For updates and announcements, follow GPCCI on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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