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Robinsons Appliances Offers Huge Deals with Raining Rewards Promo

Summer is over, which means the stormy seasons and flash floods are among us!

Filipinos are no stranger to handling challenges that come with the stormy season. Year after year, the rains have marked our homes and communities. But through this, we’ve developed steadfast resilience that finds ways to overcome and stay strong even when faced with difficult situations.

We may not be able to stop the rain from falling, but we persevere! Our lives go on – we still go to work in our own homes; our children still attend classes from the dining room table. During these times of uncertainty, doing the same old routine provides us a sense of normalcy and comfort – like cooking meals, stocking up your food supply, even washing clothes.

We’re sure everyone has met a Filipino mom who does house chores when she’s stressed, right?

But, washing and drying clothes can be a challenge when the skies are filled with gloomy clouds. Instead of masking the scent of a storm with fresh fragrant linen, they end up smelling kulob.

So, for the Raining Rewards promo, available from July 15 to September 30, 2023, we’re slashing 40% OFF our washing machine products from well-loved brands like Midea, Samsung, Panasonic, and more!

And with a FREE garment steamer included in almost every purchase from us under the Raining Rewards promo, there’s no need to worry about keeping your clothes fresh. Read on to know which ones are a bang for your buck this season:

1. Midea 12/8Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Combo Washing

This washing machine is power-packed with features that make your life easier. It has a Rated Power Supply of 230V/ 60Hz, andcan spin at 1200 rpm. The Rated Drying Capacity is 8kg, which means that you can wash up to eight kilograms of clothes at once!

With 16 different programs—including Cotton, Delicate, ECO Wash, Rapid, Stain Wash, Jeans, Normal, Duvet, Dry Only, Auto Clean, Shoes and Towel—you can customize your wash to meet the needs of any load with this Midea washing machine.

It also comes in a sleek, white body, which allows it to blend into your home seamlessly. Imagine, you can purchase this beautiful washing machine and also get a FREE garment steamer for only P46,996.00! That’s P12,999.00 worth of savings! Get it until September 30, 2023 only.

2. Sharp No Holes Tub Fully Automatic Washing Machine

For those seeking a more eco-friendly washing machine, this model reduces water usage by utilizing the No-Holes Tub design, which contains the water within the tub and allows for decreased consumption.

With a beautiful Tempered Glass Lid with Damper, you can keep an eye on your laundry without having to squat or crouch. Additionally, the Antibacterial Pulsator feature minimizes water resistance and maximizes washing performance, which means that you’ll get more cleaning power out of every drop of water.

This one comes in a Titan Silver body, with a steel cabinet that ensures a durable and mold-free  washing machine. Now available for only P19,998.00, its countless features makes it such a steal!

3. American Home 9Kg Front Load Washing Machine

The American Home 9Kg Front Load Washing Machine is a great choice for anyone who wants a good, solid washing machine that gets the job done while keeping the rats out of its body.

It has a unique rat-proof body that keeps the pesky parasites out of your washer, especially during these times where the sewers are being pumped with water. You can sleep safely at night knowing that you won’t have any visitors you don’t want in your home.

Crafted with utmost precision and quality, this cutting-edge appliance boasts a remarkable feature that guarantees durability — it is 100% rust-free.

This washer comes equipped with a quick gentle program explicitly tailored to handle your most valuable pieces. Whether you have silk dresses, chiffon blouses, or any other fragile fabrics, our machine ensures a thorough yet gentle cleaning process that maintains their pristine condition.

From P28,899, you can get this for only P23,899.00. But wait, there’s more! It will also come with a FREE garment steamer that you can conveniently use when you don’t want to iron your clothes. With one-two runs over your clothes, you’ll see it’s wrinkle-free!

Get the whole set now, while it’s P5,000 OFF its original price.

4. Samsung 19Kg Combo Washer and Dryer Washing Machine

Experience the ultimate laundry solution with the Samsung 19 Kg Combo Washer and Dryer Washing Machine. This cutting-edge appliance uses Eco Bubble™ technology, turning your detergent into bubbles to easily remove dirt while preserving your clothes’ color and texture. Bye, kulob!


On top of that, you can remove even more dirt by completing a Cotton course for 30 minutes with another feature, Speed Shot. This uses the Bubble Shot and Speed Spray technologies to shoot powerful jets of detergent-infused water. It’s powerful and more effective in cleaning large areas of fabric!

This high-tech washing machine also has a powerful AI control that suggests cycles and personalizes your washing experience through a SmartThings App*. No more fumbling over the buttons to ensure your clothes are getting the wash they need.

For all of these features, you’ll get P28,739.00 OFF its original price. From P89,495.00 to P60,756.00, you can get this state-of-the-art washing machine with a FREE garment steamer to ensure you’re looking fresher than the gloomy season.

5. Panasonic 10.5/6kg Gentle Dry and Hygienic Front Load Washing Machine with Dryer

We’re all aware that kulob comes from clothes that didn’t properly dry, which is common among clothes being washed in the Philippines nowadays. Introducing our solution to that – the Panasonic 10.5/6kg Gentle Dry and Hygienic Front Load Washing Machine with Dryer.

This washing machine is equipped with advanced software-controlled heat technology, specifically designed to enhance your laundry experience. It utilizes a unique air vent system to harness natural airflow which is then used to maintain an optimum internal temperature of approximately 65°C. This carefully controlled heat ensures that your clothes are gently and effectively dried without the risk of shrinking or damage.

It also has intelligent sensors that analyze the necessary washing factors and make adjustments accordingly. By accurately gauging the load’s specifications, such as the amount of water required and appropriate duration for an effective cleaning process, this washer ensures a clean and efficient wash while minimizing energy consumption.

Get a whopping P13,000.00 OFF the original price of this Panasonic washing machine. With this discount, the price comes down from P65,999 to P52,999.00. We are also throwing in a FREE garment steamer to keep your clothes in their best shape.

The gloomy season is here to stay (for now), but it doesn’t mean you should sacrifice the things that make day-to-day life seem normal again. Through these discounted items and the Raining Rewards promo from Robinsons Appliances, we hope to bring a bit of it back to your lives.

This rainy season, it’s raining rewards at Robinsons Appliances! This promo runs from July 15 to September 30, 2023 only. Check out our website to see more of our offers and deals for you.

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