BAVI: Succeeding in what's normal, going beyond the usual

Boost local entrepreneurship, promote innovation, and champion nationalism – these are only some of the objectives that Bounty Agro Ventures Inc., the country's second-largest poultry integrator, upholds in its commitment to provide the Filipino people quality poultry products that they deserve.

BAVI: Succeeding in what's normal, going beyond the usual

BAVI, a member of the Bounty Fresh Group of Companies, carries the name of the known brand to the entire Philippines through its nationwide business network with several branches in key cities and distributorships across the country.

The company was incorporated in 1997 as they started their initial operations in metro cities like Cebu and Davao. Five years after, BAVI launched into full operation as poultry integrator covering areas in Luzon, and the entire Visayas and Mindanao.

The company is also fully supported by hundreds of broiler contract farms, dozens of hatcheries, feed mills, poultry processing plants and processed meats plants.

BAVI then closely supervises and monitors the facilities to create a highly effective supply chain in poultry integration.

Expanding contract growing

BAVI immerses itself into the broiler contract growing, which involves BAVI, an integrator, and certain individuals as the contract grower.

The contract growers provide the manpower, and facilities, either open-sided or controlled-environment system type (CES). The open-sided is a conventional type of poultry house, while the CES is a modern-type poultry house relying upon electronic controllers.

BAVI then assists in providing day-old-chicks, feeds, medicines, vaccines, disinfectant, and technical assistance to the growers.

BAVI: Succeeding in what's normal, going beyond the usual
Tagakpan Sunshine Farm, Corp. in Davao City​.
One of the nearly 400 broiler contract farms under BAVI is the Tagakpan Sunshine Farm, Corp. in Davao City.

BAVI: Succeeding in what's normal, going beyond the usual
Tagakpan Sunshine Farm, Corp. houses broiler chickens in a controlled environment ecosystem facility.
Owned by Samson Tan, Tagakpan operates in a CES facility. The farm started its operations in February 2015 with only one building with a capacity of 33,000.

Now, Tan put up five additional facilities, which have reached 185,000 maximum capacity per cycle, making him one of the top performing BAVI growers in Davao.

Other top performing farms nationwide, under BAVI, are the Lenar Land Livestock Corp by Noel Dinopol and Labastida Farm by Romano Labastida.

Venturing into retailing

BAVI President and General Manager Ronald Mascariñas explained how the company values the enterprise by organizing and providing technical assistance to their businesses. He also explained that there are two entities handling the poultry integration.

"There are two companies involved in poultry integration. The Bounty Fresh Foods Inc., and Bounty Agro Ventures Inc. These are both integrators," said Mascariñas.

The BAVI President shared that the two companies operate to target the same goal, which is to produce chicken. The Bounty Agro, however, went further into retail operations.

In fact, BAVI ventured into the food retail industry in 2008 as they launched their oven roasted chicken business under the trade name, Chooks-to-Go, the nation’s largest roasted chicken chain.

BAVI: Succeeding in what's normal, going beyond the usual
Chooks-To-Go rotisserie chickens in a retail outlet in Davao City. ​
The popular "litson manok" store of BAVI thrives in the country as they introduced a rather unique way of eating cooked chicken without the traditional sauce or gravy. With its tagline 'Masarap Kahit Walang Sauce,' Chooks now operates as the country's largest and fastest-growing roasted chicken chain with over 1,300 retail outlets nationwide.

"For retail operations, we almost saturated the country in the rotisserie side," Mascarinas proudly shared, adding that providing safe and high quality "litson manok" is one of the thrusts of BAVI's daily operations.

Then, BAVI explored and catered to more diverse tastes of the Filipinos when it comes to roasted chicken.

Aside from Chooks-to-Go, BAVI introduced in 2013 a fresh take on traditional charcoal-roasted chicken called "Uling Roasters Litson Manok."

BAVI: Succeeding in what's normal, going beyond the usual
Uling Roasters shop in Davao City​
Tagline as "Di Raw Masyadong Masarap, Pero Pwede Na," Uling Roasters, which cooks chickens the traditional way with coal, has about 200 stores according to Mascariñas.

The first two brands were followed by the launch of "Reyal Liston Manok," which serves customers with a flavorful sweet-spicy sauce. The third brand has a tagline of “Mas Masarap ‘Pag May Sauce!”

Going out of the ordinary, BAVI ventured into something more than just retailing of roasted chickens.

The company launched a new snack line "SNOK," short term for "snack na manok" and an ice cream store called "Papa Dan's."

Asked why he distanced from the usual business, Mascariñas said they want to maximize their store infrastructure with the Chooks, Uling, and Reyal.

"The rotisserie stores, 90 percent of sales are acquired during lunch and dinner time. In between those, we don't have sales. So, we looked for something we can sell to the people in those hours," he said. "We tried fries and ice cream [hoping] maybe it will work."

"The challenge for us is how do we maximize it. [We asked ourselves] what else can the stores offer [aside from chicken] because the store infrastructure is there?" he added.

Amid the success of the chicken brands, Mascariñas, however, admitted that some of the stores they established were not effective enough.

"We are developing other retail with little success," he bared, stressing they "were trying to learn" from those testing bets and experiences.

Instilling proper leadership

Mascariñas shared that BAVI, as an integrator, does not own any facilities at all, but said the company triumphs with its assets: the personnel.

In this business, we don't own any facilities at all. The farms are from those are contract growers. The feeds that they use are under contracts, we don't own those feeds. Processing plants? We don't own any. We don't even have a truck, that's third-party," said Mascariñas.

"What we have are technical management personnel. If you want to invest processing plant, we will give you the design. We will tell you how to operate the plant, and once operational, we will designate people to make sure that you follow our quality standards," he explained.

"In this business given that we don't own any facilities at all, our investment is really the trust of the people," expressed Mascariñas, adding having that trust from the people is their main stake in the entire poultry industry of the Philippines.

"We're doing a lot of things now that no other Philippine company is doing," he stated.

"We have a huge investment [on people] and we have dedicated personnel just to check on people for them to become good leaders and effective and efficient employees," said Mascariñas.

Asked about what's next for BAVI, Mascariñas said they will continue what they have been doing from the start and learn from their experiences.

"I'm very proud. No [other] company in the Philippines is doing what we are doing now. In terms of people development, leadership development, and managerial teachings," said Mascariñas.

"In the next few years, we will be one of the most admired companies in the country," he added.

BAVI: Succeeding in what's normal, going beyond the usual
BAVI President and General Manager Ronald Daniel R. Mascariñas​
BAVI currently has a nationwide network fully supported by 21 branch offices, with 358 broiler contract farms, over 80 distributors, 19 poultry processing plants, 15 hatcheries, 9 feedmills, and 2 processed meat plants.

Presently ranked 207th among the top 1,000 corporations in the Philippines, BAVI continues to grasp the country's chicken rotisserie industry with its rapid execution of unique strategies to counter the normalcy of the industry.

With proper leadership in business and farming, adequate knowledge of both the traditional and conventional, BAVI will surely be at the top amongst the largest of companies: a poultry integrator that "outs" chicken products, but does not “chicken out” in the grind of poultry industry.

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