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Saturday, December 2, 2023

So enamored

So enamoredRecently, I read a thread from one of the Pinoy chess players praising a chess official for defending super GM Wesley So from his detractors, arguing that So, a transplanted Filipino who now plays for the US, is still a Pinoy at heart.

I can not question nor do I desire to doubt Wesley’s intentions. It is not for me to judge whether somebody regards himself as a patriot or a nationalist because I’d rather examine his actions.  The Good Word said your action will always bear you out in the end.

In the past several years, Wesley So has played the part of an American player and identified himself as one, and all the while saying that he’s still a Pinoy when interviewed by local media.  This I don’t understand—You draw your dollars from Uncle Sam and you enjoy the parks of being an American and you deny that you’re American? The US is a great melting pot and So is only one of the transplanted foreigners to play on its chess teams because there seems to be a dearth of talent in that particular sports in the US at the moment. Actually, there are literally hundreds of Pinoy chess players in the US but none of them has been inserted into the US team, except So because he’s one of the best there is.

Now I do not have anything against So, and I definitely don’t have anything against the sport's official concern, but let’s put things into proper perspective. Wesley So had a dream—to make it big in the US as a chess player and he has achieved that dream. Let’s all be happy for him and wish him a brighter future. As for being a Pinoy chess player, please hold on to your horses. I’d rather that we cheer for our homegrown for the Asian Games. It’s worth our time because they are our true heroes and patriots. Enough said. email me at

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