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Sam YG: Don’t be afraid to try triathlon

Elite triathlon competitions are not for professional athletes alone, even celebrities are hooked into the sport that combines one’s skills in swimming, cycling and running.

Celebrity host and DJ Sam YG took a break from his hectic showbiz schedules to take part in the Regent 5150 triathlon 2017 recently held at the Acea Subic Bay.

The Indian Filipino host has been racing cars for more than three years before taking interest in triathlon.

Ever since Sam started racing cars, he worked out regularly to strengthen his upper body, making it much easier for him to adjust and put his mind and body in proper condition for triathlon races.

Sam Y.G admitted that this year's triathlon was a bit more challenging and something different for him.

"We started off storming.The sprint was pretty hard, it was a bit rainy during the swim, but it's always been fun to try something new," the radio DJ shared.

"It was first for me na ganuny ung condition. It made one of the most memorable races," he added.

Sam also gave advice to aspiring athletes. "You know what, dont be afraid to try and try," he said.

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