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Virtual reality meets real world in Japanese horror ‘Immersion’

Takeshi Shimizu, the director behind the Japanese horror classic  Ju-On: The Grudge, returns with a new spine-tingling film. This time, he explores a remote island cursed for centuries, where the boundaries between reality and the virtual world will blur in terrifying ways.

Entitled  Immersion, the film stars one of Japan’s biggest stars,  Daigo Nishihata, of the boy idol group  Naniwa Danshi.

Daigo Nishihata is Tomohiko Kataoka in the horror film ‘Immersion’

Daigo portrays the role of Tomohiko Kataoka, a genius brain scientist who is invited to Abominable Island by the chief of a virtual reality research team to enhance a virtual space project of the entire island.

Like many islands in Japan, Abominable is home to shamans, legends, and superstitions abound. One such legend is that of the “Imajo”, referring to a brutally murdered young woman who comes back as a vengeful spirit.

As Tomohiko gets on with business and puts on the VR goggles, darkness envelopes him in the virtual world, and an unidentifiable woman appears.

Suddenly, employees of the VR company who have traveled to work on the island project all turn up dead. All died the same way on the same day at the same time but at different places.

Daigo Nishihata is Tomohiko Kataoka in the horror film ‘Immersion’

Two worlds—one real and the other, not, begin to intersect. Tomohiko begins to unravel the mystery between the virtual space and Imajo.

Daigo is joined by  Mizuki Yamamoto  and  Rina Ikoma.

Based on a secret local superstition of Amami Oshima island in Japan,  Immersion  is now showing in Philippine cinemas.

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