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Jean Garcia in Wagas’ anniversary episode

For the first time, Kapuso actress Jean Garcia graces Wagas for the first time as she stars in the second installment of the show’s 4th Anniversary Specials, playing a mother to three kids with Microcephaly.

UNCONVENTIONAL FAMILY. Jean Garcia and Neil Ryan Sese play parents to children with birth defect in "Wagas"

In Nueva Ecija, it is said that the Padua family has a secret. Three of the five children in the household are different. These kids are mocked because they look like monkeys – the shape of their faces, the way they talk and the way they express their emotions. Some people say that what happened to these children was a curse, although in reality, the children had a condition called Microcephaly.

Raising a family was not easy for Krising (Jean) and Bibot (Neil Ryan Sese) whose life has always been hand to mouth. It was also difficult for them to protect their children from the ridicule of other people.

A scene from the weekly drama anthology which is part of the program's 4th Anniversary Special

Krising’s world almost fell apart when Bibot had a stroke, leaving her alone to look after the children.

In God’s will though, they were able to go beyond other people’s judgment, facing life’s hurdles head on. What is important for them is that they are together as one family.

This is the second episode of Wagas’ 4th Anniversary Specials that shows a mother’s love for her family today on GMA News TV. 

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