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Paolo Contis’ undying promise

In tonight’s second installment of I Can See You drama anthology, Paolo Contis once again unmasks his dramatic side playing a rich widowed man who loses his passion for life and becomes a recluse after losing his wife from an accident. 

Titled The Promise, which also stars Yasmien Kurdi, Andrea Torres, and Benjamin Alves, the mini-series vows to give viewers more reasons to believe in the power of love. 

“The whole story is about my love for my wife played by Yasmien. You know, love sometimes can make you do good and bad things. In the story, we are the good people who are willing to do bad things for the ones we love and it’s all because of the promise we made to them. But the core message of the story is about moving on. In our life, a lot of people come and go, and we should move forward when they’re gone,” Paolo told Manila Standard Entertainment in a virtual interview.

Paolo Contis and Andrea Torres in a scene from ‘I Can See You’ second installment, ‘The Promise.’

The story begins with a rich widowed man named Frank (Paolo) who loses his passion for life after losing his wife Clarisse (Yasmien) from an accident. When Jude (Benjamin), his cousin and right-hand man in the company, visits him in the lake house where he stays at, Frank takes an interest in the latter’s girlfriend Ivy (Andrea), an aspiring artist who is willing to do anything to take her family out of poverty. As Ivy starts to exhibit certain characteristics of Clarisse, Frank starts to be in a dilemma. He is wondering if he’s seeing Ivy for who she is or he is just holding on to the spirit of his deceased wife.

Meanwhile, Yasmien expresses her admiration to her co-actor Paolo for lightening up the mood on set,.

“Paolo is easy and super fun to work with. He lightens up the mood of everyone on the set including the staff and production team,” Yasmien shared.

In response, Paolo, who recalls being tended to by his seniors, believes that it is his duty to look after everyone on set.

“Naranasan ko noon, ‘yung mga kuya ko sa set they take it upon themselves to lead the set. Dahil ako ‘yung parang ‘senior’ dito, I bring food and check on everyone. More than anything else, I want the set to be happy.”

Paolo joined by the mini-series cast members (from left) Benjamin Alves, Yasmien Kurdi, and Maey Bautista.

In observance of anti-COVID-19 protocols alongside the network’s precautionary measures, the cast and crew of the show underwent RT-PCR tests, lock-in tapings and strictly practiced government-mandated safety and health protocols on the set.

 Andrea shares that her trust in the network and their team to keep them safe prompted her to enjoy the taping.

“Trust your network and production team dahil pinaghahandaan nila ang lahat. Actually, because of what the network did, we were able to enjoy the taping and we went home happy that we are looking forward na ako sa next kong work,” she said.

 Benjamin also commends the precautionary measures taken by GMA and the production team to safeguard everyone on set.

“We were one of the first productions to start taping in GMA, as far as the teledrama. It was good and it was a great stepping stone for everyone else to start going. We really thank the network and production for making sure that we are safe and that we were able to perform without worrying about anything else,” the actor noted.

Joining Paolo, Yasmien, Andrea, and Benjamin, playing an exciting role in this series is Maey Bautista as Rowena Marquez, Frank’s cheerful house helper who is a witness to the latter’s undying love for his deceased wife.

I Can See You: The Promise, which premieres tonight after Encantadia on GMA 7, is under the helm of  Zig Dulay

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