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Stranded strangers

The premise of Regal Films’ latest romcom, Stranded, which stars Arjo Atayde and Jessy Mendiola, is quite simple: two strangers stuck together during a typhoon. But if you delved deeper into the characters and their dilemmas, you would find something interesting and relatable.

In the movie, Jessy plays the role of Julia, a woman who never imagined that meeting a stranger in one stormy night could change her life forever. Everything about her is stable—her career and romantic life. She is an old school, who believes that a relationship is a commitment. 

Stranded strangers
 'Stranded' lead stars Jessy Mendiola and Arjo Atayde gladly pose for photos during the media launch of the Regal Entertainment's big screen project. 

On the other hand, Spencer (played by Arjo) lives his life to the fullest, without direction. He is the type of guy who prefers to be happy-go-lucky and would rather be without the demands of a commitment. Upon being locked up in a building overnight, they discover things about themselves they never thought were there all along.

Julia thought she had everything planned, Spencer thought happiness is about being spontaneous. Julia’s long-suppressed longing for freedom, has a “to do list” on her notes, as shown in the trailer. She then gets them fulfilled by the spontaneous Spencer as they spend the night together, only the two of them.

The irony of it is that, despite their huge differences, Julia and Spencer get attracted with one another. Julia and Spencer realize that even if they have opposing views on certain aspects of their lives, they still have some things in common, one is they are searching for real happiness.

They realize that opposing views can still be a good thing because one can learn from the other, just as long as each one is willing to learn from the other.

Stranded strangers

Stranded strangers

Stranded strangers
Scenes from the romantic comedy, which is due out on Wednesday, April 10.

Are Julia and Spencer willing to make compromises when it comes to love? Are they prepared for the turning points that can change their lives forever?

Stranded also stars Miko Raval, Mich Liggayu, Miggy Marty, Pinky Amador, Johnny Revilla, and Gretchen Ho in her first appearance on the big screen.

Stranded is Ice Idanan’s second feature film. Her first feature film is Sakaling Hindi Makarating.

Written by Easy Ferrer and Jeps Gallon, the movie is due out Wednesday, on April 10 in cinemas nationwide.

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Yassi joins another ‘Probinsyano’

Yassi joins another ‘Probinsyano’
'Ang Probinsyano' star Yassi Pressman

Award-winning actress and Ang Probinsyano star Yassi Pressman recently became a member of the Ang Probinsyano Party-List Youth Arm launched last week in Legazpi City.  The Ang Probinsyano Party-List Youth Arm aims to encourage the youth to be more proactive and involved in issues that directly affect the youth, especially those living in the provinces.

Ang Probinsyano Party-List’s legislative agenda includes several proposed programs and bills that will enhance the youth’s access to quality education, including the establishment of open high schools, expansion of the coverage of the tertiary education subsidy, and operationalization of the National Student Loan Program. 

Pressman’s full support for Ang Probinsyano Party-List comes in the wake of the announcement of her on-screen partner Coco Martin’s support for the party-list.

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