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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Love conquers the unknown in ‘Karelasyon,’ ‘Wagas’ Halloween specials

Today, stories proving that tikbalang and engkanto are no match to true and pure love.

Watch the first salvo of the Halloween Special series of Karelasyon and Wagas.

On GMA-7’s Karelasyon, Philip Salvador plays a father willing to offer himself to a spirit to save his beloved son.

Andrei (Philip) is an OFW who brings his son Bien (Mikoy Morales)—a special child—to the province a few months before he resumes work abroad. While in a forest to catch iguanas, they stumble upon a cave. Apparently, a forest spirit or engkanto dwells inside the cave and iss disturbed by their presence.

As a precautionary measure and to save his son from any danger that may fall upon him, Andrei offers himself to the forest spirit. And this is where the series of mysterious events starts happening to their family.

Joining Philip and Mikoy are Sharmaine Arnaiz, Lou Veloso, Elle Ramirez, and Prince Clemente

Meanwhile, GMA News TV’s Wagas features indie film actress Mercedes Cabral twith Kapuso hunks Dion Ignacio and Jak Roberto.

Dion’s character in the episode, Rody, is the husband of Jodie (Mercedes). The couple lives in a remote area in Quezon. While doing her laundry in the river, Josie meets Jonathan (Jak)—a mysterious man who is always clad in white. For strange reasons, Josie seems to always find herself attracted to the river where she and Jonathan constantly meet.

Dion Ignacio (left) plays Rody, the loving husband of Josie (right) played by indie star Mercedes Cabral

It comes to a point that Rody, suspecting that something is going on with his wife, follows Josie to the river. Unseen by Rody, Josie apparently sees a man who transforms into a horse when evening comes.

From then on, Josie acts weird, most of the times not herself. Rody wakes up in the middle of the night and finds her moaning, as if someone is attacking her. In fact, Josie has bruises on her shoulders and thighs—marks that resemble the feet of a horse. When Rody brings his wife to a folk healer (albularyo), they are informed that Josie is under the spell of a tikbalang or a human horse. Worse, Josie is pregnant with the child of the said creature.

Josie (Mercedes Cabral) and the mysterious Jonathan (Jak Roberto), who always appears by the river where the first frequents to do her daily choirs 

While other men would doubt their wives and even leave, Rody stood by Josie. He takes her to all the albularyo and doctors available, even going out of town to seek medical help. As Josie continues to weaken because of the spell, Rody is determined to have his wife treated.

Catch these two unique stories about the power of love today. Karelasyon with Carla Abellana as host airs after #LIKE on GMA-7, while Wagas airs 7 p.m. on GMA News TV. 


The honeymoon is over, but the hard work continues.

Tomorrow, GMA Network airs PDU30@100—a special report on the first 100 days of the new administration, summing up what President Rodrigo Duterte and his cabinet have accomplished so far.

'PDU30@100' is a special report on the first 100 days of the Duterte administration

The GMA News and Public Affairs special report will outline the progress of Pres. Duterte’s administration in fulfilling his campaign promises.

Jessica Soho, one of the country’s most trusted journalists, will lead a team of reporters in reviewing the first 100 days of the Duterte administration. 

On board are Mariz Umali, Ian Cruz, Joseph Morong, and Chino Gaston who are covering Pres. Duterte from various beats. Each reporter is tasked to report on the plans, actions, and accomplishments of the Duterte administration on drugs and crime, peace process, traffic, economy, corruption, poverty, agriculture, and environment.


Do you like non-stop singing, laughter and mind-boggling chatter?

Tune in to Sarap Diva on GMA-7 this morning and watch Asia’s songbird Regine Velasquez and her guests Kakai Bautista, Wowowin’s Donita Nose and Jon Santos as Ate Vee turn the hour into endless chatter and singing, punctuated by infectious laughter.

Regine Velasquez’s pals in ‘Sarap Diva,’ (from left) Donita Nose, Jon Santos as Ate Vee, Kakai Bautista and Teri Gian

Also, watch out for their individual grand entrance, particularly Ate Vee’s comeback “lifting dance.” And if you’re getting sentimental, Kakai and Donita will help you get over it with their song numbers.

Ate Vee will prepare Tilapia and Gabi chips for her guests. 

“You’ve Made Me Stronger,” the song that has become viral these days, is among the songs the songbird will perform. 


Beginning Monday the teenage prodigy Sinichi Kudo will once again face numerous crimes and solve them in a flash. On GMA Astig Authority, Detective Conan will come back racking his brains and finding out who was responsible for the poison that gave him the body of a six-year-old. Despite having this condition, he remains unstoppable in catching criminals red handed, and helping Kogoro Mauri’s detective agency to be recognized all over Japan.

Follow his adventures once again every Monday to Friday after Unang Hirit on GMA.


Inah de Belen will join Chris Tiu, James and Roadfill in a very educational episode of I-Bilib.

They will create a mini-vacuum cleaner using a Styrofoam cup.

What else can we expect in the show?

One, the gang will lift an ice cube using a mathstick. And then they will tell us in life hacks how to handle a screw.

In Discover Science, we will find out how far heat can travel. And in Huling Hirit, the gang will solve a puzzle. I-Bilib airs Sunday mornings on GMA-7.    

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