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April’s boy JC Regino makes own mark in music business

JC Regino, the son of the late singer-songwriter April Boy Regino, opened up about what he misses most about his father.

“I miss how he used to guide me in composing my songs. In the past, I would seek his advice when writing my original songs. But now, I feel like there’s something missing,” JC shared during a press conference for his sophomore single, “Tama Na Sa ‘Kin Ikaw,” released under GMA Music.

The 29-year-old singer also expressed that his father always had the privilege of being the first to listen to his new songs.

“And now, whenever I write a song, no one else gets to hear it except me. There’s no one to provide feedback on the lyrics or whether it’s a great song,” he added.

JC Regino drops his newest single, ‘Tama Na Sa’kin Ikaw”

JC fondly reminisced, “I also miss the days when we used to go outside for karaoke sessions.”

The OPM icon passed away in November 2020 due to acute respiratory failure at the age of 59. During that period, JC seized the opportunity to begin working on his debut single, “Idolo,” as a heartfelt tribute to his dad and his enduring contributions to Original Pilipino Music (OPM).

Now that he has begun creating his own name in the music scene when asked if he felt any pressure, especially since April Boy is an icon, he admitted that there’s always pressure.

“Of course, there is, especially since he had a lot of achievements under his name. He’s one of the legends. He’s great at singing, he’s great at performing, and he’s great at writing songs. So, there will always be pressure,” explained JC.

“However, I look at it on a more positive side. Whenever people tell me how great my dad is, I always feel proud,” he reiterated.

When he started writing “Idolo,” he kept in touch with his uncles and former members of the April Boys, Vingo and Jimmy Regino, to ask for some advice. His second single, “Tama Na Sa ‘Kin Ikaw,” was written by his uncles, who also contributed as his backup vocals.

JC described his newest song as a track for those who are in love, pursuing love, and have already found their “the one.”

“The song means ‘you’re enough for me.’ It tells about the endless love of a person who will never hurt the one he or she loves,” explained JC.

“Tama Na Sa ‘Kin Ikaw” is now streaming on all digital music platforms.

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