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‘Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo May Boyfriend?!’ More questions than answers

The title itself is intriguing and inviting at the same time. One would be encouraged to see the movie hoping to find the answer to this question.

However, the film fails to solve this interesting puzzle. More so, it raises more questions rather than provide acceptable responses.

Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo… is no gay romance. It’s just another formula film whose main plot is about a girl trying to find out whether or not the man she and her gay BFF are in love with is straight. So, to those who trooped to the cinemas expecting for a BL (an acronym for Boys Love, a modern term used to describe movies and series that feature two men romantically linked to each other) movie, it’s a bit of a disappointment.

 Lead stars Dennis Trillo and Anne Curtis in a scene from the Jun Lana movie

The film, in general, is more of a romantic comedy about two heterosexuals who eventually find themselves comfortably in each other’s arms.

Perhaps the fitting title to the film is “Cover Girl,” which the main female character clearly defined in one of the scenes. And since the film fails to directly answer its own question, we can just borrow what Paolo Ballesteros said when Jose Manalo asked him “Bakit nga lahat ng gwapo may boyfriend?” The latter nonchalantly replied, “Baka bading!”

Going back to the movie, there are a few scenes though that will possibly satisfy the gay audience of the Jun Robles Lana helmed flick: a beso between Prince Estefan and a male talent; a quick kissing scene between Ballesteros and Sinon Loresca and a generous exposure of Dennis Trillo’s body wearing a very skimpy swimming trunks.

Probably the only gay part of the film is the presence of Paolo Ballesteros’s character named Benj, a closeted entrepreneur who runs a wedding planning business 

Employing a rather weak device to jumpstart the story, Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo begins with Kylie (Anne Curtis) doing all the job to condition the audience that there’s a real backstory to the main plot by narrating how she became an expert in detecting if the person is straight or just straight acting. At the onset, Kylie, a wedding planner, starts ranting about her being a “cover girl” to her ex-boyfriends who happen to be all gays.

Now, her “gaydar” is once again put to the test when her BFF Benj (who was also her ex and played by Ballesteros) urges her to use her skills on Diego (Trillo) who is his childhood crush. Diego is back in town and meets with Benj only to tell him that he’s getting married, with a woman of course.

Diego’s fiancée is too preoccupied with work, so he’s always left with Kylie doing all the preparation for the wedding, including the seminars that they have to attend to. Apparently, their regular rendezvous just opens the chance for Kylie and Diego to fall for each other.

This episode only happens in an alternative universe. Why would a 30-something woman, who’s very in love with her soon to be husband, chose her career over her married life? Or how can true love blossom in a matter of weeks, not to mention that the man is already engaged and the woman involved is a professional wedding planner?

Obviously, the director didn’t use much of his creative juices to make sense to logical thinkers. Instead, he relied heavily on dialogue to imply what every character needs to convey. Unfortunately, even its dialogues are not powerful enough to create any lasting impression. And this waters down to Curtis and Trillo’s portrayal of their characters. Their tandem could’ve had a dynamic presence but they had to work on a lackluster material. So, what else can we expect?

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