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Raw Bites PH makes healthy snacks, beverages more accessible to Filipinos with LOCAD

According to the World Food Program, many Filipinos still suffer from poor diet. One reason for this is the limited supply of healthy options in local groceries or shops.

This problem prompted Gail Go and Jane Dee to establish Raw Bites PH in 2017, a digital store dedicated to offering nourishing, wholesome meals, and beverages.

Helping them break new ground is cloud logistics platform LOCAD, which ensures that items remain fresh, accessible, and delectable.

In launching Raw Bites PH four years ago, the owners’ main challenge was the perception that nutritious food options are extremely expensive.

“We try to offer healthy products and make them accessible to Filipinos. Before Raw Bites entered the industry, there were just a few shops in different malls and it felt like an exclusive club for the rich,” Go said.

This became the reason why Raw Bites made healthy foods accessible by putting them online so Filipinos can order their products conveniently without the need to go to the malls.

Raw Bites PH started as a snack subscription box business, sending their subscribers imported and healthy snacks monthly. Go and Dee did this approach for two years before they were able to assess what tickled people’s taste buds.

Previously, Raw Bites PH subscribers could only purchase from the shop, but the launch of its website, along with its marketplaces, enabled more people to access their products.

Delivering to major grocery chains kept Raw Bites PH afloat, but digital selling catapulted it to growth.

During the start of the pandemic, more people got more concerned about their health, which is why Raw Bites PH’s orders grew sevenfold. The owners were not able to keep up with the sudden surge of orders, which left them with a messy warehouse and an inventory that needed to be updated manually.

It was at this juncture that Raw Bites PH enlisted LOCAD’s expertise in warehousing and logistics. Since then, LOCAD has been helping the owners fulfill the increasing demands for their products.

LOCAD’s organized, efficient handling of their products has contributed to the increase in Raw Bites PH’s revenue. Streamlining Raw Bites PH’s operations through LOCAD’s immediate dashboard and fast end-to-end fulfillment services enables them to achieve roughly a million pesos in monthly sales across their multiple marketplaces.

“I never imagined it to be like that because at first, I only felt that we could just make P100,000 per month—which is fine. Now, it is like a million and we have never reached that milestone before,” Go said.

“LOCAD has enabled Raw Bites PH to follow business best practices, just like how they ensure that we indicate a best-before date on all our products. It is the tech behind LOCAD that enables and connects us to different warehouses,” Go added.

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