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The newest squad to watch out for

Seven fresh faces come together to challenge youth stereotypes and inspire today’s young generation. These millennials are known for being the face of several brands and various films and television shows, they are popular for being cool and aspirational, and they each have inspirational stories about resilience and perseverance. 

And they are going to be your new #squadgoals.

Hashtag member and actor Ronnie Alonte, young actresses Loisa Andalio and Sofia Andres, Pinoy Big Brother heartthrob Tanner Mata, international model Tyler Mata, Spanish model Emilio Francisco Perez, and Brazilian model and former PBB Teen housemate Maria Fabiana comprise the new youth group #ClubPenshoppePH. 

#ClubPenshoppePH is a diverse group of young personalities who will serve as Penshoppe’s brand ambassadors in the Philippines. 

“[Each member of #ClubPenshoppePH] has their own personal style, and each has inspiring stories that the youth can relate to,” says Penshoppe brand director Jeff Bascon.

Bascon adds, “They are far from being perfect, which makes them likable even more. They may be misunderstood at times, but what I really like about them is each of them is really fighting for their dreams—to be successful, to be able to do good, to inspire other people.”

The seven members of #ClubPenshoppePH admit that there was awkwardness when they first met and worked together—much like in most cases. But Sofia says they eventually became comfortable around each other after quite some time. 

#SQUADGOALS. Homegrown fashion label Penshoppe introduces #ClubPenshoppePH members (from left) Maria Fabiana, Tanner Mata, Ronnie Alonte, Sofia Andres, Tyler Mata, Loisa Andalio, and Emilio Francisco Perez 

Tanner seconds, adding they had a good connection and hit it off after the first time they've worked together. The Fil-Am model reveals it was the first time he worked with his twin brother Tyler in one project. 

In fact, they now know quite a lot about each other, such as namin Emilio as the funniest in the group, Loisa as the most kikay, and Sofia as the number one fan of Penshoppe’s global endorser Kendall Jenner

3 things about each member of the squad

Tanner Mata, 21

•His style can be summed up as model off-duty

•He picks various styles from different people and try to incorporate his own to come up with his own brand of style

•He loves the weather in the Philippines because he doesn’t worry about the cold when it comes to dressing up

Tyler Mata, 21

•He is more adventurous than his twin brother

•He is known as the more expressive brother, not shying away from speaking his mind

•He loves to wear bright colors and patterns to match his outgoing personality

Ronnie Alonte, 20

•He looks up to pop star Justin Bieber as his fashion icon

•If he had to choose between acting, singing, and dancing, he would choose dancing as he is more passionate about it and considers it his  stepping stone to fame

•He feels pressured when people consider him as the next big matinee idol, thus he works hard to prove them right

Emilio Francisco Perez, 19

•He is a former lifeguard and known as one of the most hardworking male models today—often working overtime

•His style icons are Harry Styles and himself

•His ideal weekend involves hanging out with friends, listening to good music, and eating delicious food

Loisa Andalio, 17

•She loves to spend time with family and friends during her free time

•She is known for her evolving taste in fashion, which ranges from light-colored tops and shorts to jeggings and leather jackets

•She strives to stay true to herself and she dismisses any harsh criticisms from other people

Sofia Andres, 18

•She likes to wear slim-fit clothes that complement her long legs and slender figure

•Her favorite summer outfit is sexy short shorts and tank top

•She replies to every single tweet of support sent to her

Maria Fabiana, 19

•Her looks are always inspired by her travels 

•She has a positive and friendly personality which she shares to everyone on social media by means of reaching out to them as much as    she can

•She likes the open-mindedness of Filipinos 

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