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Protecting home from fire

With the high heat and humidity that summer brings, the risk of fire-related disasters grows higher. A leading insurance company shares these steps on how to avoid fire accidents at home.

Protecting home from fire
Keep your home and family protected from fire by practicing responsible handling of flammable materials and investing in fire extinguisher and a comprehensive property insurance package. 

Be alert when cooking

Leaving cooking unattended is the number one cause of fire in the household. When using a stove or other cooking equipment, it’s vital to keep an eye on whatever’s cooking and stay alert. Keep anything that can catch fire away from the stove top, this includes mittens, towels, plastic or wooden utensils, and food packaging. 

Use electronic devices wisely 

Plugged and powered electronic devices may cause fire. Turn off and unplug electronic devices when not in use to prevent a power surge or overheating. Do not overcrowd electrical outlets or extension sockets to prevent overheating. 

Do not smoke inside the house

Not only is smoking hazardous to health, cigarettes, pipes, and cigars are flammable materials. Those who have to smoke are advised to do it outside to prevent flammable materials from touching items that can catch fire. Make sure cigarette butts and ashes are completely out, or douse them with water before throwing them away.

Protecting home from fire
Fire-related accidents can destroy homes, but they can be prevented. 

Invest in a fire extinguisher and smoke alarms

Taking precautionary measures can save everyone’s life. Keeping a fire extinguisher at home and installing smoke alarms can help provide early warning and prevent small fires from becoming disastrous. 

Keep your home protected 

Calamities like earthquakes, floods, and even fire are difficult to control and can destroy homes. Protect property with Axa’s Home Security, a comprehensive insurance package for home that provides coverage against fire and lightning and acts of nature (earthquake, typhoon, floods). Added coverage includes rental and relocation expense, personal liability insurance, and personal accident insurance for the policyholder, their spouse and children. 

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