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Exploring a more grounded side to Batangas

In the few instances that I visit or pass by Batangas, I often see various attractions that highlight the province’s charm. Most tourists often travel to Batangas to enjoy its resorts and beaches, taste the famous Batangas Lomi, or stroll around amusement parks, gardens, and more. 

Guests can enjoy the zipline which takes them back and forth from the BLAZE tower

Yet there’s a side to Batangas that revolves around its landlocked areas. Among the adventure destinations families can visit in the province, Batangas Lakelands aspires to provide everything to appeal to the public’s active lifestyles. 

Upon entering the area, guests can already see the sprawling 20 hectares of green landscape that awaits, filled with several activities that cater to Filipinos of all ages. The most prominent structure in the area is the BLAZE (Batangas Lakelands Awesome Zipline Experience), located in the middle of the lifestyle park. 

There are many ways to get around Batangas Lakelands. The first way is by walking and relishing the fresh air and space. Another is through the Batangas Lakelands Transport Bus (BLTB). Our group tried both, and it was worth the while. 

Aboard the BLTB, we went to a hilltop overlooking Batangas Lakelands and some parts of the area. The sight was breathtaking and Instagrammable. The lifestyle park is also abundant in plants, trees, and shrubbery to emphasize the beauty of nature. Meanwhile, we trekked through a short walking trail prolific with tree species, some of them endemic. 

Our next goal was to experience Batangas Lakelands’ extreme activities at the prominent tower. Aside from ziplining, guests can also try rappelling and wall climbing. Looking at the zipline from the ground, it seemed like it was an easy ride, but once you’re at the top, either adrenaline or fear will kick in. Nonetheless, the trained and certified guides ensure the guests are safe, and those who did try the BLAZE describe it as an exhilarating experience. 

Rock climbing and rappelling activities are also done at the BLAZE tower

In the meantime, the rappelling and wall climbing activities were enjoyable and worth repeating. 

While there, we didn’t pass up on the chance to try the outdoor activities at Batangas Lakelands. We eagerly went to the airsoft tent, where a trained specialist taught us how to shoot a pistol and rifle. Beside it was an archery setup where guests could shoot a few arrows at the prepared target. At the time, we channeled our inner Cardo Dalisay from FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano and Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games franchise. 

Guests can try their hand at airsoft with a carefully set up shooting range

Other guests also tried the leisure biking experience that offers different bike models to accommodate their preferences and skills. 

A leisure biking trail complete with different kinds of bikes for everyone

Thanks to all those outdoor activities, we felt tired but fulfilled. Fortunately, Batangas Lakelands has a tent where guests can lounge or rest.

Completing the area are several shops that offer food, refreshments, and some souvenirs. 

Just beside it is an area where kids can take a refreshing dip in inflatable pools and play games like futsal, ring toss, magnetic fishing, and more.

The lifestyle park plans to add more attractions, like kalesa rides and basket boating, to its list of attractions. 

Batangas Lakelands offers something for everyone in the family while encouraging them to become active and enjoy nature and their company. 

Highlight Batangas this holiday season

Aside from the various activities in their area, Batangas Lakelands also aims to highlight the province’s beauty and culture through the Christmas Lights of Batangas, launched last 2021. 

Batangas Lakelands will adorn some of its sights with colorful lights to commemorate the holiday season. Other structures, like churches, will also participate in the festival. 

Following its success from the previous year, Batangas Lakelands takes the event further with a kick-off concert, Alab Ng Pasko, on November 19.

The show will treat guests with performances from local talents who are well-versed in singing and dancing. Award-winning Filipino singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino will headline the standing outdoor concert. 

The Agbang Bridge is part of Batangas Lakelands’ nature trail

The Christmas Lights of Batangas is an annual festival organized by Batangas Lakelands and Limapark Hotel. It will run from November 19 to January 8. 

Visit for more information. 

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