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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Bonjour! Café Kitsuné opens first branch in Manila

By Chelsie Alquinto 

Nine years and several branches across the globe later, this high-concept iconic coffee shop is finally in Manila, at The Podium, no less. 

Café Kitsuné’s branch at The Podium

If anyone ever wondered what a Paris and Tokyo crossover would look like, look no further. Café Kitsuné is the perfect combination of the two hustle and bustle cities.

Renowned for its Parisian and Japanese aesthetic, this upscale and very Instagrammable cafe features a minimalist menu to keep guests from feeling overwhelmed with the variety they offer. 

A mouthwatering plate of seared salmon with a potato garnish

The cafe’s concept is “to create and operate a space that marries the simplistic beauty of the small and intimate coffee bars with the style and cool of everything that Café Kitsuné undertakes.” 

They take pride in their keen attention to detail, which led them to master their craft. According to the people behind the new food destination, “the coffee served at the Café Kitsuné is full-bodied and flavorsome, with notes of chocolate and grilled hazelnuts, a hint of cherry, and a texture that is both smooth and syrupy, lingering on the palette.”

Indulge in cold drinks such as the Raspberry Fizz (left) and Iced Americano

While the temperature in Manila may often be unbearable, Café Kitsuné’s curated cold drinks will surely beat the heat, try a refreshing glass of Raspberry Fizz to quench your thirst or an Iced Americano to get you going. CEO Avin Ong enthusiastically expressed their love for cold beverages, and a quick peek into their menu will prove how well-incorporated iced drinks are in their café.

Their Soba Noodles with poached egg sprinkled with slices of mushroom and tomato is a must-try. Surprisingly, it goes well with their Iced Chocolate to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. It’s rare for two contrasting flavors to merge and offer a new depth of experience taste-wise.

Get a taste of Japan and France with Café Kitsuné’s Soba noodles with poached egg, mushrooms, and tomato slices

Guests left undecided on their order can ask the staff as they will help choose a dish depending on the customer’s preferences. Dessert-wise, there are no misses here. Everything is spot on!

Aside from their mouthwatering foods, customers can cop their merch in-store! From tote bags to hoodies, they’ll surely remember their experience in the café when they bring home their goodies!

Satisfy cravings with Café Kitsuné’s Pork Katsu Sando

People already feeling FOMO (fear of missing out) should also worry not! This fusion cafe is already eyeing expanding its branches in several upscale locations in the Metro and Cebu. It’s something worth the wait for food lovers and café enthusiasts alike. While final dates and locations have yet to be confirmed, their team promised to keep us posted. 

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