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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

A tale of two moms: Sarah Lahbati and Ryza Cenon talk home improvement on SMDC’s youtube

If you think there is only so much you can do with the limited amount of space you have in your condominium unit, you have another think coming. With a little imagination and some smartly-placed storage, you can make your unit look larger than life.

The bonus: condo unit space is easy to clean — good news for neat freaks and those who struggle with allergies.

Special month for homemakers

These, and so much more, are what #TheGoodHome on SMDC TV is in store for you on this special month for homemakers. Now that we are working, playing, and resting in the same space, we deserve a space that can do it all for us — a space that serves as a living space, an office, a school, a playground, a gym, and even a spa.

All of these combined make up #TheGoodHome, the newest addition to SMDC TV’s line-up of good vibes and tips.

May is for moms and expert-mom tips. Premiering this month, #TheGoodHome features actress and mom Sarah Lahbati-Gutierrez on location at Shore 2 Residences along Seaside Boulevard in Pasay City. 

With furnishings from Our Home,  shows easy-to-follow tips on saving space and cleaning. 

Invest in storage items

  • Maximize your vertical space
  • Use mirrors on walls to visually double the space
  • Emphasize vertical elements
  • Show the legs of your furniture to create openness

Sarah reminds her viewers to tackle projects that can be accomplished easily and to divide the unit into zones. Start working on shared or common spaces before going towards the more private spaces like bedrooms. The balcony and laundry can go last.

In the next episodes, she will be sharing tips on giving your condo unit a luxe interior design or makeover. 

Making condo spaces safe for babies

Sarah will be followed by actress and youtube influencer Ryza Cenon, mom of an infant, who will talk about making condo spaces safe for babies, among many other helpful topics for moms like her.

The Good Home is one of the many offerings of SMDC TV, which also features tips on fitness and healthy eats (The Good Fit) and serenades your homes with OPM music every Friday evening with performances from the country’s top musicians in Good Times with The Good Guys.

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