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Celebrity moms share tips on how to keep babies happy

Celebrity moms Iya Arellano and Neri Miranda virtually bonded with many “madiskarte moms” on a virtual tete-a-tete, sharing caring tips for babies, toddlers and kids in an event organized by popular baby care brand Babyflo.

Babyflo brand manager Rachel Encico highlighted the importance of using trusted brands for children’s well-being and cosmetic needs. The brand recently came up with a new and better pro-kids packaging that aims immerse children more into a fun-filled daily routine with Babyflo products.

Iya Arellano

“Babyflo always believes in happy babyhood. With our new products and with our new labels designed with very cute animal images, we’re hoping to make playtime and bath time fun for our babies and kids,” she said at the virtual event “Saya ng Alagang Babyflo”.

Encico said the brand believes in creating meaningful connections with kids and babies, alike, using Babyflo products.

Certified “madiskarteng moms” Mommy Iya and Mommy Neri have always been BabyFlo moms, for a number of reasons. First, Babyflow products, aside from being hygienic, also have hypoallergenic products fit for the most sensitive of kids with non-comodogenic products which are the best care for hyper-sensitive newborn babies.

Second, Babyflo products are among the most-affordable, quality baby care and children care products in the market.

“Bath time is a tricky activity especially for babies and toddlers. We have to be sure that we’re using the right shampoo, the no-tears formula for our kids, so bath time need not be a ‘crying time’ and the kids will not be traumatized if we use the right shampoo for them,” said Mommy Iya.

She said that with three kids and another baby coming, it sure is a good time to bond while pampering with baby care products that are trusted for decades.

Her eldest, Primo, is growing up responsible enough to take care of his personal hygiene from being a “Babyflo Baby.”

Madiskarte mom Mommy Neri is also very particular when it comes to her children’s pampering needs. She makes sure that all the baby care cosmetics she uses on her kids are clinically-tested—from shampoo, body oil and lotion to powder and cologne.

“Not only do our kids use baby care toiletries, but adults in our home came to love Babyflo products especially the body wash. Even my husband uses the shampoo and body wash to clean his face. I just learned that there are many uses for body wash,” she said.

One of her personal favorites is the Babyflo petroleum jelly, which is not only effective in preventing diaper rash in babies, but equally therapeutic for sore, chapped and dry skin, especially the hands and feet.

Both celebrity moms agreed that while the pandemic has restricted the movements of their children to the confines of their homes, bonding over bath or simply sporting fresh cologne scents inside their houses makes living in pandemic a time well-spent for the family.

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