Interesting facts about cats

Everyday, we discover new things about each kitten or cat in our family or household.

In 41 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Your Cat from Barks and Mewsings, a Trupanian blog, there are some things about cats that are very interesting to share:

• Don’t worry when your cat sleeps a lot unless he/she is old (there are other symptoms of an illness that may necessitate a visit to the vet).

“The average cat spends roughly 2/3 of its life sleeping,” says Barks.

• Ever wonder how they can go through small openings in your garage or house?

“Cats don’t have collarbones – this allows them the flexibility to fit through openings the size of their heads,” Barks reveals.

•  A clowder is a group of cats.

• All kittens are born with blue eyes, says Tips for Then the color changes as cat the grows, owners would have noted.

• Female cats are usually right-handed, while male cats tend to be left-handed, according to two psychologists from Queen’s University Belfast.  

• “Cats can purr while inhaling and exhaling. This is a technique that we simply cannot imitate,” says Love

• A cat can travel at approximately 31 mph over a short distance, says Jenni Bidner, author of Is My Cat a Tiger?

• A cat can jump as high as five times its own height in a single bound, adds Bidner.

• Kittens  sleep a lot because a growth hormone is released while they are sleeping, says Random Facts.

• A kitten loses his/her baby teeth at six months old.

• Cats are indeed CLEAN and possibly cleaner than a human. Cats spend 1/3 of their time grooming themselves.

• Cats easily climb trees because this is instinctive to them but they  have to learn to climb down. This explains why we see cats being helped by a policeman in movies and in illustrated books.

”They also can’t climb down head-first because their paws point the same direction, so they are forced to back down,” says Way of Cats,

• “Cat urine glows in the dark when a black light shines on it. If you think your cat or kitten has had an accident in your home, use a black light to find the mishap,” according to 25 Strange But Interesting Facts About Cats.

• There are about 130,000 hairs per square inch on an average cat.

• A kindle is a group of baby cats.

• The first year of a cat is equivalent to 15 human years.  At age two (2), a cat is 24 years old in human years.

“Each year thereafter, it ages approximately four ‘cat years’ for every calendar year. Thus, a 5-year-old feline would be approximately 36 in cat years,” according to Catster.

•  Adult cats rarely, if ever, meow at one another.  Kittens meow to ask something from their mother. So if your adult cat meows at you,  your cat most likely considers you as his/her mother.

• An average cat can live for 15-20 years.

People are not allergic to cat fur, they are allergic to cat DANDER.

 “Dander is made up of the microscopic bits of dead skin that cats (and also dogs, people and really any other animal with feathers or fur)  naturally shed,” according to PetMD.

• Cats have five claws on the front feet and four on the back. 

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