Understanding our cats

(Part 1)

Does your cat welcome guests and keep them entertained until you come down from your room? Our Garfield does. He is a people-cat.

Does your cat go off to who knows where and return only to eat his food? Puma, our black cat, does this every single day and I even see him round the corner when I go out. I always find myself stopping and reminding him, “Keep to the right. If you do, it is easier to trace your way back home. Do not cross the street.” He would just look at me as if saying, “Duh. Been doing this for years, mother.”

Does your cat stay in one area in your home and keep to herself? That’s our Fluffy. But she also likes to go up the wall and tease the dogs who can see her. That’s her idea of fun, I guess, so we also call her Alaskador.

Cats and dogs have personalities indeed.

It is not easy to understand a being that does not speak our language. But researchers have studied them and come up with some interesting findings while cat lovers have put into words their cool observations.

I will share them with you today and next Sunday, and let’s have fun identifying our cat’s personality type.

SPOILED BABY. Chrissy sleeps the whole day, then wakes up at midnight to nudge her human parents out of  bed to play with her.

In an article entitled “Cat ‘Purr’ sonalities,” vet Kia Benson (associate veterinarian, clinical toxicology) reveals that a recent study identified three (3) primary personality categories and nine (9) distinct personality types in cats. The researchers observed a cat’s level of boldness and response to new stimuli, and the cat’s degree of independence as against the cat’s gregariousness, Benson says.

The 3 primary personality categories based on the level of boldness or courage the cats displayed when faced with or given new stimuli are:

• Quiet shy cats

• Solid companion “middle of the road” cats

• Adventurous confident cats

Benson says cats also displayed varying degrees of independence or gregariousness within each of the primary categories. This, she says, led researchers to name three (3) sub-categories within each primary category, which they then called the nine (9) personality types.

Under Quiet Cats, Benson says we have the:

Private Investigator:

Shy cats keep to the sidelines and prefer watching the world instead of interacting with others. You will see them one minute, then they will vanish to their favorite quiet space. When they go to you, this means they really want your love and attention so start talking to them and petting them.

Secret Admirer:

These are the shy cats who take their time getting to know new people, new surroundings, or new situations. But they become very loyal to a companion or family and are very affectionate once they are comfortable with you.

Meyohme, a pusang Pinoy or Puspin, loves to eat fish and chicken, and to play dress up
Love Bug:

Benson says these are the “consummate lap cats, these kitties love nothing more than to sit quietly in a lap, kneading and purring contentedly.”

Under Middle of the Road Cats, Benson says we have the:

The Executive:

Executive cats are the curious cats who like to explore. They adapt well to new circumstances without much reassurance from their human companions. These cats are best for people who cannot handle a high-maintenance pet.


Sidekicks are friendly and self-reliant cats. Yes, they can enjoy playing and being stroked. But they also need their quiet time, their alone time. Sidekicks do not explore but will not be afraid when faced with new situations. Benson calls them “steady companions on the road of life.”

Personal Assistant (PA):

PAs are high-maintenance and co-dependent. “They are known for being ‘helper cats.’ PAs help with the computer, a book, papers on a desk or even supper, opening kitchen cabinets to see what caused their human companions to do the same,” Benson says.

Under Adventurous Cats, Benson says we have the:


MVPs are resourceful and savvy. These are cats that are not fazed by the new or unique. They find ways to entertain themselves, but also appreciate a scratch behind the ears by their human companion.

Party Animal:

Party animals indeed, they love to play and explore their world. While they enjoy playing with their human companions, they also consider anything around them a toy—those crumpled paper, pencils, caps from soda bottles. “Party cats love to have fun, and can end up in some funny situations. YouTube cat videos anyone?” Benson says.

Leader of the Band:

They are vocal, confident cats. Because they are fearless, these cats may end up leading their human companions into adventure. These are cats who talk to their human companions and show lots of affection.

By identifying your cat’s personality, Benson hopes “we might be better able to understand their point of view and their world as they live alongside us in ours.”

Now how many of you have leaders of the band, an executive, a love bug?

Next week, I will share another set of cat personality types which can help you understand your cats more.


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